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Communicate for Change

Genelle Aldred

Genelle Aldred is a freelance newsreader and creative and communication consultant, and has worked as a journalist at many of the UK largest broadcasting organisations for over a decade, including BBC, ITV, ITN and 5 News. She was previously Head of Digital Strategy at Tearfund and Channel Manager at TBN UK

How do we advocate for justice effectively in a world deeply divided by racial, gender and class inequalities? If we want to make a positive difference, we have to know how to recognise our own biases and blind spots – only then can we understand how to be part of the solution and start having meaningful conversations.

In Communicate for Change, journalist and communication consultant Genelle Aldred offers suggestions to help us be better listeners, readers, watchers and talkers. With insight drawn from years of experience, she breaks down the barriers to effective conversation so we can communicate in a more nuanced, thoughtful way and understand our part in bringing about a more just society.

You’ll soon be noticing how singular narratives drive behaviour and conversation and how language helps to shape our views, understanding how fake news magnifies your own biases and blind spots, and reflecting on how to be a better ally; in a way that is not just performative but that creates meaningful, effective and lasting change.

Communicate for Change is a book for anyone interested in the conversations about race that have been happening in the UK and around the world, and anyone wanting to play their part in bringing about class, gender and racial equity. Thought-provoking and stimulating, it lays out how we can take that next step from learning and talking about anti-racism and unconscious bias to putting it into practice and actively shaping an environment in which justice can thrive.

“Jesus wouldn’t fit in most of our churches”

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Be a Disruptor-3

Creating Justice in a World of Bias

In Communicate for Change, Genelle Aldred explores how to recognise bias and the way it impacts every area of life, and how to communicate in a way that works to create meaningful and effective change.

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