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We believe that change is possible and can happen against all odds

Violence against women and girls exists at every life stage, threatening their physical and mental well-being from before birth right through to old age, harming not just the direct victim, but also their family, friends, and broader communities. The nature of these abuses, however, means that they are rarely confronted: either they are hidden from sight, with both victims and abusers too fearful and ashamed to seek help, or they form part of a cultural practice which carries on unchallenged.

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A Transformed Relationship

The vision of Press Red is one of transformed relationship between men and women. There is still a long road to travel not only in reducing the abuse inflicted on girls and women here in the UK and across the world, but also raising awareness of the issue and its prevalence. The work of Press Red is making a significant contribution to increased awareness and initiating change, not least in and through local churches, and is rooted in a commitment to living and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

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The Press Red Digital Resource center is a live, updatable site designed to highlight and showcase materials that can help equip and educate on gender-based violence. The Digital Resource Centre will grow as we add to it monthly.

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To use the Digital Resource Centre, click on the button labelled RESOURCES in the header menu. This button will bring a drop down of contents. Click on the section you are wanting and view the content.


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